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Every Professional Layout Design takes into considertation,Theme, Audience, Sector and what the overall Objective of the piece is. Arrangement of different Graphic Elements establish the overall Appearance, relative to importance, and relationships  between the Graphic Elements to achieve a smooth flow of information [messege] and eye movement for maximum Effectiveness and Impact.

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Editable Template is sold sepreately. The advertised rate is one Flat Rate. 1 Day Turn around occurs on Business Days M—F.

C Price is One base payment for up to one Hour.

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1 on 1  Review of Past, Current, PossibleNew Direction for YOUR Business

Best Course to take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

Competition Study

$7999C Per Hr.

Layout Design

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When the Logistics of Projects are discussed, and elements such as Images, Copy and Color palettes are chosen the Layout Design begins as these are the ingredients. The Design will embody the Message, and Audience it is created for. When Successful the designer will be able to make the viewers eye flow to the desired parts of the Project in sequential order. We can do this for your Business.

Generic Templates are never used unlike most sites.

Our BASIC, BUSINESS and PREMIUM Packages are Designed to fit your Project.

The Basic Pricing Plans are better suited for smaller Businesses and Individuals. This plan offers some services to choose from. The use of Illustration or Photo Manipulation are not covered in the Basic Plan.

The Business Pricing Plans are better suited for Mid-sized Businesses and Individuals who work independently. 
This plan offers MORE services then the Basic and involves more Design Aspects and amenities such as Photo Retouching.


The Premium Pricing Plan is made for Companies who need a larger scope of work Designed. These Design Projects will be Higher Profile, Larger Scale and are targeted for a Greater Audience. This tier is for heavy use of BRANDING and entails Greater Planning, Business Strategy and a understanding of Consumer Awareness.

Demography Research is a very Important factor in Branding.The five types of demographics in marketing are age, gender, income level, race and ethnicity.

A well defined strategic demographic of your customers and prospects is half the battle in new client conversion. It also leads into the next phase of creating buyer personas which helps in both marketing and sales.

Competition Research uses data on your competition, their target audience and business trends to Design a NEW and Competitive Brand within the competition market.

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All personal information is kept confidential and not shared, sold or shared with third parties. Information is ONLY used with icu2 PRODUCTIONS #