Having a well Designed Product Package, not only attracts the consumer but is the last Stage before the item is sold, as it will catch the attention first in a Market setting with other competetive products. Once bought the package becomes advertisement to the buyer and any in contact with the package.

Will your product sell well? A Professionally Designed Package is key.


The Correct Project Design on a Package is Imperative to a Successful Product Launch.

Our PREMIUM Package is Designed to fit your Project.

We have helped bring to life Excellent Products through the use of Layout, Strategic use of Color, Image Placement and Verbage, to use not only visuals to entice, but wording as well to sell. Having worked with U.S. and Asian vendors we are familiar with printing and layout limitations by Package Configuration.

Generic Templates are never used unlike most sites.

Premium Package Design

2 Preliminary Package Designs

Unlimited Revisions

.indd, .pdf, .eps. Formats

Custom made Art

Photo Manipulation

All Sizes—

4 Day Turnaround




The Premium Pricing Plan is made for Companies who need a larger scope of work Designed. These Design Projects will be Higher Profile, Larger Scale and are targeted for a Greater Audience. This tier is for heavy use of BRANDING and entails Greater Planning, Business Strategy and a understanding of Consumer Awareness.


• Ideal for Projects which need a competetive edge


• Aimed to target YOUR Demography and Market


• We never use a Generic Template unlike most sites


• Strategy is the Best Offense. We insure it

Professional Magazine/Book Cover Design

3 Preliminary Cover Designs

Unlimited Revisions

.indd, .pdf, .jpg Formats

Photo Retouching

Demography Research

All Sizes—

2 Day Turnaround




Professional Album Design

2 Preliminary Designs

Unlimited Revisions

.indd, .pdf, .eps., .jpg Formats

Photo Retouching

iTunes Ready Artwork

Competition Study

4 Day Turnaround



Let us know more about your project and what WE can do for YOU.


We take care in making YOUR project OUR Priority.



We work Efficiently and with full Transparency. There is never a hidden charge or Revision cost with this Package!

* Taxes are not included to pricing.

PayPal or Debit/Credit Cards can be used for payments.

Editable Template is sold sepreately. The advertised rate is one Flat Rate. 1 Day Turn around occurs on Business Days M—F.

Don't see your project listed? Ask us for more information, and let us know what your Project is.

B Pricing begins at this advertised price. Pricing may depend on the complexity of the Project, additional fee[s] will be discussed before incurred.

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